Living in an RV travel trailer full time, a few things to consider


Living in a travel trailer full time, a few things to consider:

  • Living in an RV Travel Trailer full time requires that you be able to be close to your partner or mate all the time.  Imagine living in the same room with this person all the time.  Full Time RV living requires a extra patience with each other, and short drives to cool down or blow off steam might be required.  Be OK with that.
  • Can you handle winds, and the chance they might blow you over?  It is more of a risk than in a home, so a bad weather escape plan, knowing where your shelter is, is always a great plan.  The winds however will rock your RV Travel Trailer from time to time, so if you are a weather buff with the adventurer in your blood, the winds only make things more exciting.  Thunder is louder, rain is louder, you are in a thin metal box and a little closer to the weather elements.  Don’t be stupid, and watch weather reports and take cover if there is any chance of heavy storms, high winds, or tornadoes.
  • Can you handle dirt, bugs, the camping side of life?  It happens.  Living in our RV Travel Trailer full time does have it’s moments, but nothing really compared to a cabin in the woods that we have lived before.  Having a reasonably sealed RV Travel Trailer keeps the mice out, as well as any other animals that might crawl into holes that you might imagine.  Living in an RV Travel Trailer full time, you will find the floor is much smaller and easier to care for though, so sweeping the tile floor only takes a minute.
  • It is also beneficial while living in an RV full time to have good housekeeping skills.  Keeping the sink clean and things organized and put away makes a huge difference!  There is not much room to start with, so a clean RV Living habits help tremendously, just to keep your floor space.  Floor space is what gets taken when items you have not planned for come in to your life.
  • Things.  I love things!  Full Time RV Living does not lend well to hoarders.  I have never heard that term until a recent TV show, and living in an RV Full Time, you would run yourself out of room to walk within days or weeks, not years!  We have a policy that we get rid of something to get something.  We can’t decorate unless it fits on walls or shelves, and something typically has to go to add something.  We hesitate to buy anything but what we consume, and that saves money!  Creating space with shelves and efficiency is a great place to spend your energy and enjoyment.  Thrifty is also fun, if you look at it that way.
  • Full Time RV living is not for the person that is attached to things.  You can not have many things in an rv, and typically must get rid of a lot of things to make the full time RV lifestyle change.  We sold everything when we launched this part of our life.  For those that find yourself in that position reluctantly, can possibly change their plan to this lifestyle, and hit the road looking for work.  It might be your chance, before you make a brand new set of commitments for the old way of life, rent or own a home and have all the bills and responsibilities of such.
  • Bills, and more bills, typically does not work for full time RVers, unless you have other income to cover it.  With the seasonal jobs we go for to make it all worth it, you do not make much.  We have no bills to speak of, so minimalist is a good attitude.  I wonder if a regular year around job and Full Time RV living wouldn’t get old.  RV Living then becomes a necessity and not for a reason of activities, locations, and mobility.  Others may think differently though.
  • Having something that we enjoy such as our seasonal jobs at ski resorts and rafting companies and such, definitely give it all purpose, that and travel and seeing the great outdoors on a grand scale.  If you have another agenda that you enjoy, full time RV living is the way you accommodate another interest.
  • Jobs.  RV living has one big advantage, it removes the location disadvantage for jobs to the limits you put on your travels.  RV Jobs are plentiful in Colorado for Skiing, Rafting, Outdoor Specialty Retailers and Outfitters, and the things we like to do.  It the state we came from, Missouri, that kind of work is hard to come by.  So rather than get mundane jobs at someplace like Walmart and play on our days off, (typically never weekends for us), we chose to enjoy what we do.
  • The result of Full Time RV Travel with RV resort neighbors and adventure jobs is a number of great friends we have made in our travels, and in our case where we have been working, are in an industry which we all share one common thing, our love for the outdoors and sense of adventure.  With these types of jobs, we have made a huge number of new friends that are just like us in these ways.

Living in an RV Travel Trailer full time for us has allowed a place for fun adventure jobs, and at our jobs we have made our friends, and the combination of picking where we want to live affects our activities, scenery, our entire RV Life and Lifestyle.  That makes our little RV Travel Trailer easy to live in.

Living in an RV full time lets you live where you want to live and work

Feature Write Up: Living in an RV Travel Trailer Full Time, a few things to consider.

2 thoughts on “Living in an RV travel trailer full time, a few things to consider

  1. Would love to get ideas especially since I’m new and see what’s out there for me to consider in the future not knowing what’s coming. Also how to run a business or what to do for money while living in my RV. What about mainly being parked thewhole time? Thankx.

    • Know the feeling. Not knowing is all a part of your new adventure as a full time RV’er. To actually love the move to full time RV life, follow what excites you first. If it is the mountains, the beaches of the ocean, the bayou in Louisiana, or maybe an activity you love.

      From there, have enough money to get there, be ready to dry camp at Wal*mart or public places, and look around! I always suggest talking to RV parks and offering to work for space, then get the resume ready with that being my only printer need now, and knock on doors. When someone hires you then you life follows, and so does the friends! Think seasonal if you want to leave your options open. This allows you to continue to look around, even have different scenery each season end. Permanent jobs when living in an RV full time, seem to get you involved in the mundane once again. It depends on what you want.

      Living permanently in your RV? We have been here for a year, and probably will stay a while. We met 10 year full timers visiting this week, as he climbed a few 14er mountains here, and are heading out soon to another location. They like to move around. You can have some normalcy with a more seasonal or year around stay. Who knows. You might end up with that 10,000 dollar two acre piece, that you create your new and future home from.

      Whether entering full time RV life out of choice, or necessity, it is considered a beautiful new opportunity to enjoy life in a different way to us. We don’t want a house anymore…

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