Choosing your RV, What is the Best RV, Best RV for the Money, Choose Select RV Guide


Choosing your RV, What is the Best RV for me and Best RV for the Money, Choose RV Selection Guide –

Choosing your RV is what is best for you.  There are many things to start your RV Selection Process that will make it easier, and that is start with the obvious.  The needs, and resources.  The needs are your individual needs such as Single or Couple, or even family with kids or even RV Camping with your Father in Law or Grandmother.  These first needs will be how many beds for how many heads, how much kitchen, RV bathroom facilities and if  the most common RV offering of one bathroom is enough.  It is not unlike picking a house, and fitting your home to your family size.

On the subject of family, most RVs have a wide variety of choices including one queen bed to adding four bunk beds to that,  for a travel trailer that sleeps a family of six, (yes, married with family / children in an RV Travel Trailer!  We will cover this in detail under that topic.

Once the size and needs are listed, the next step is to figure budget, part time or full time use, and then be able to select the general size of your RV, then continuing to the functionality of the different RV options. RV Features or RV floor plans that are available for you.

It might also be decided that a used unit only a few years old and minimal use might allow you to have a larger unit that is better suited to your needs.

Our First Full Time RV Travel Trailer, 4 years new when we bought it.

New RV or Used RV; There are the budget constraints when you select your RV of course, a used RV compared to  a new RV is also a consideration.  RV Warranty and RV Repair will be a part of this equation, also something that should be a concern, but might be something you are good at.

Make sure she is new enough, depending on how reliable you need her to be.

Our Primary RV Travel Trailer is only 2 to 3 years old, and still in excellent condition.

Vintage Travel Trailer - 1957 Comet Canned Ham Style

We also have a 12 foot vintage 1957 model year canned ham travel trailer and nothing works.  It is acceptable, as we stab it on the River beach and camp (at most) three days out of it.  The 3 year old travel trailer however, is our full time home!  We live in it.  We would not consider that in an old rig, especially one we do not know.  This again depends on the person.  You might say, I can fix anything.  Shop at your RV Dealer for Parts before you decide, because if the expense of major items is high, then it is  still a bargain if you do the labor, correct the first time.  At least you are familiar with part prices.

When repairing your RV, we suggest using all RV components.  Anything else is considered a cheap jury rig, because RVs in their original condition are worth more.  When a hole is chopped in the side of an rv for example allows a 2oo dollar Air Conditioner versus a 1200 new one, the RV now drops from 6500 dollars to 1200 to ever get it traded or sold.  No one likes a chopped up RV for cheap repairs.  That same unit would be worth the money to someone with a brand new factory air conditioner in it, so will up the value quite a bit, and prevent molested holes in RVs with home air conditioners installed.  This also goes for facets, bathroom fixtures, refrigerators and stove / oven, as well as water heaters and voltage converters.  Any one of these RV Parts can be expensive, so again the newer unit will have all these things in a much better age for condition.  It is all your call.  RV purchasing is Buyer Beware, just like a car.  You also never know what might just be “starting to fail”, versus what is “about to fail” on your Used RV.  Again keep it original, and you will pay for use through maintenance, but will reward you in the long run when you sell it or trade it in.

1977 Argosy 28 Foot Travel Trailer - Full Time and Renovation, Not for us

Through the following topics in the category of: RV Types – Choose and Select RV, we shall try to cover these things.  We hope you are starting to think that direction by now.  The categories are on the right hand side of this page if you would like to read on…

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    • The serial numbers were short in years back, so depending on the year, older RVs had 8 digit numbers. I believe it is in the serial number. I looked at my old 55 comet title and it had three 5’s in it, 4th through 6th digit. I believe you can tell what the year is. I know it is that way in boats.

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